Welcome to our Vision Page
We, as a Parish Hall Management Committee, have spent some time thinking about and describing our vision for the community the Parish Hall serves. This provides a context for our vision for the Parish Hall. Our vision has been supported and reinforced through responses to a community survey about the Parish Hall in January 2012.
Our Vision for the Community the Parish Hall Serves
Our Vision for our Community - We wish to live in a community that is vibrant and energised and keen to engage in community activities, support and development. We believe a successful community aims to achieve harmony recognises that conflicts do happen and manages these conflicts constructively and positively. We appreciate and value empowerment and understand the importance of responsibility as key factors in community growth and sustainability. Aspiration, vision, ambition and challenge are to be encouraged and community leadership is vital if these are to be realised and benefit the community. We believe the health and well-being are the basis of active, prosperous and happier lives, and we consider prosperity is not only linked to financial wealth but to appreciation of and care for our environment and community. We recognise and celebrate diversity and believe the wide range of talents and skills within our community enrich our living experiences.
Our Vision for the Parish Hall
Our Vision for the Parish Hall is set within our vision we have for our community. We aim to maximise the opportunities offered by our Parish Hall to support our community vision. We believe our Parish Hall is a vital ‘Community Hub’ and is able to impact positively on the lives of people who live within the community. We believe our Parish Hall is a vital artefact of our local and Devonian heritage and must be conserved as a Heritage Learning Centre.
Community Hub
This diagram shows the elements of our vision of a Community Hub

Key features of our vision for a Community Hub 
These are the key features of a community hub for East Worlington that we have in place or aspire to.

A. Communication Hub
i   Formal Meetings
ii  Information to support the community through Noticeboards
iii Links to the Internet - Community Use
iv Community Website Hub
v  Location to co-ordinate community-based events
vi Location to co-ordinate response to community crisis e.g. Emergency Plan

B. Social Network Hub
i   Informal Meetings
ii  Community Coffee Mornings
iii Community Breakfast Club
iv Community Lunch Club

C. Services Hub
i   Make a strategic contribution to developing and sustaining the local community
ii  Links with local health services
iii Links with local social services
iv Links with local community safety services
v  Links with local fire safety services
vi Promote local producers
vii Promote local service providers

D. Activities Hub
i   Promote and support Educational and Learning Activities
ii  Promote and support Social and Recreational Activities
iii Promote and Support Health and Well-being Activities

E. Cultural Hub
i   Promote local heritage as a Heritage Learning Centre
ii  Promote and support local cultural talents
iii Promote and support cultural development including young people’s engagement in community decisions and community development
iv Promote, support and engage in social enterprise

To contact the Parish Hall administrator email worlingtonparishhall@gmail.com or to make a booking email bookings@ewph.uk
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