Heritage Project: Question of the Month

Our Heritage Project
Conservation and Celebration: A Century Serving Our Community as a Parish Hall
Our Heritage Project was launched in September 2017.
Our Parish Hall is owned by our community, is the only community facility in the parish and this is a community project. We aim to conserve our Parish Hall and learn more about how it has served our community for the last 100 years.
Community Questions
To support the project one activity is to raise a question related to the Hall every month for a year which enables members of our community to contribute information.

Send your response to the monthly community questions to:
 September 2017
  • What were your earliest memories of attending an event at the Parish Hall?
  • When?
  • What was the event?
  • What do you remember about the event?
  • What do you remember about the Hall?
 October 2017
  • When to did the utilities of mains water, main electricity and telephone first come to East Worlington?
 November 2017
  • The barn was sold by the Church to the community as a Parish Hall in 1920. Who was the Rector of East Worlington at the time?
 December 2017
  •  When was a kitchen first installed at the Parish Hall?
 January 2018
  • Records show that the Home Guard hired the Hall during the Second World War. Does anyone have any information about the Home Guard in the area?
 February 2018
  • Do you have any photographs of East Worlington Parish Hall over the last 100 years that you are willing to share to develop our visual archive of its history?
 March 2018
  • How many royal events have been celebrated since 1920, e.g coronations, monarch birthdays?
 April 2018
  • When was the foyer and toilets extension at the front of the Hall built?
 May 2018
  • What natural materials are used in the construction of the Parish Hall?
 June 2018
  •  When was the Parish Hall listed as a Grade II building?
 July 2018
  • There is no conclusive evidence as to whether the barn was a Tithe Barn or a Threshing Barn. It was probably used for both purposes. What is the difference between a Tithe Barn and a Threshing Barn?
 August 2018
  • List all the 'celebration' events that you can that took place at the Parish Hall over the last 100 years.

To contact the Parish Hall administrator email worlingtonparishhall@gmail.com or to make a booking email bookings@ewph.uk
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