Community Development and Well-being Programme
 Community Development and Well-being Programme
Our Community
We identify our community as those that live within our parish and those that affiliate with us by living in close proximity.
We live in an area of rural isolation.

There is no: shop, post office, bank, medical service, public house, indoor leisure / recreational facility, public transport, vehicle repair garage, petrol filling station, street lights, services/activities for children outside school, meeting place except East Worlington Parish Hall. Broadband connection is poor, and mobile phone signal is non-existent to poor.

West Worlington, one of two small hamlets in the rural parish of East Worlington

During snow fall in winter months the villages and isolated dwellings can be ‘cut off’ for periods of time

We have a small parish population of approximately 220 people.

On the Indices of Multiple Deprivation the parish is in the most deprived quintile for Barriers to Housing and Services and Living Environment

Office for National Statistics show of
  • 92 households 11 are single occupancy of people 65 and older
  • 220 residents 11 live on their own and are 65 and older
  • 220 residents 144 are 45 or older
  • 220 residents 83 are 60 and older
  • 220 residents 50 are 65 and older
While isolation creates issues for all members of the community we are especially concerned of the impact on older people, people living with disability and disadvantage,  and children and young people.

Community Meeting discussing the needs of the community and the role of the Parish Hall

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Our Community Development and Well-being Programme

Our Group
We are a committed group of local residents some who are Parish Hall Trustees and some who are not who feel passionate about addressing some of the needs of our community. We have devised a programme mainly based on social and recreational activities and we wish to sustain and further develop this programme.
Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the quality of lives of local residents based on know our community needs, offering activities aimed at addressing these needs and supporting and empowering residents to achieve greater resilience and self-managing were possible their own activities.
Our Programme
We have developed a programme that we consider to be varied and be relevant to a wide and diverse range of local needs and interests. We continue to develop the programme and broaden its scope to ensure there is something on offer for all our community members.
  • Monthly Community Brunches
  • Community Lunches
  • Pub Games Events
  • Pub Style Social Evenings
  • Dances
  • Coffee Morning Events
  • Devon Cream Teas Events
  • Quizzes
  • Interest Talks with a Meal

How do I know what is on?

We advertise our events:

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To contact the Parish Hall administrator email or to make a booking email
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